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Abortion Clinics in Johannesburg

The best Abortion Clinics in Johannesburg

Abortion clinics Pretoria is a legalized medical abortion clinic offering abortion services and womb cleaning included starting from R500.


Termination of pregnancy is when a pregnancy is ended before it results into the birth of a child. This may either be done using pills or by performing a slight surgery.


How does Abortion Clinics johannesburg Perform Abortions


Abortion Clinics Pretoria

Abortion Clinics in johannesburg


Abortion Clinics johannesburg uses pills to abort and we make sure your health comes first.


An Abortion where pills are used to terminate the pregnancy is called a Medical Abortion.


Our medical abortions are safe and carry less risks because it looks like a miscarriage.


Abortion Prices starting from 500.


Risks during an abortion may increase if you decide to abort a late term pregnancy.


So do not wait until its late.


We can help!

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Abortion Procedure


Counseling will be provided should you require it. We shall then perform a pregnancy test to confirm the pregnancy and note down a few things about your medical history.


The doctor will give you an abortion pill which you must swallow with a glass of water. This pill is meant to block the female hormone called Progesterone.


Another tablet will be inserted inside your vagina. You will experience period pains so you don’t need to be worried since its part of the abortion process.  This pill will cause cramping and then bleeding. The cramps may become strong.


You will see some large blood clots that may last an hour or more. We therefore recommend use mormal pads and not tampons. You can also apply a warm water bottle to your abdomen if this makes you more comfortable.


Abortion Side Effects may include:-





And nausea

Cramping like period pains

Heavy bleeding with blood clots.


How Safe is Abortion Clinics in johannesburg Medical Abortion


We do not abort late term pregnancy.


We perform tests to confirm the pregnancy.


We follow health infection prevention steps like wearing gloves.


We dispose off used medical waste immediately.


We provide pain tablets and antibiotics to stop infections.


Abortion Clinics johannesburg Aftercare


After an abortion we recommend a shower than a bath.

if the pain persists we recommend taking pain tablets.

A warm water bottle placed on the abdomen also helps.

A pregnancy test may be performed after 3 weeks to confirm the process.


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